Shortly About Me

I am an on location portrait photographer in Southern NJ, Philadelphia and Delaware, specializing in individual, couple and family portraits.

I will happily travel to any location that you need me to and provide you with exceptional images.

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Prints, photobooks, CDs
Whether you are looking for prints, photo licensing, digital files or some other format, I can provide whatever it is that you require at competitive prices.

My Philosophy

Photographs are a depiction of life, of a situation. They are like a memory, only better. When you look back at a photo, the best ones evoke emotion and feeling. That emotion needs to extend through to the viewer, whether it's for you or someone else. Photographs, to be truly great, need to capture how you felt at a certain time in your life, with a certain person or at a certain place. When you look at a photograph, you can always remember how you felt at that moment or how you felt with that person. They need show the essence of what you are and wish to remember. I will capture that emotion and those memories for you.

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